Best Intex Pool Pumps For 2018

A pool pump is tasked with keeping water flowing consistently though your pool’s filtration system. This keeps the water fresh, clean and hygienic, which is important for keeping the swimmers in your pool safe and healthy. If you want to keep you pull clean year round, a pool pump is a necessity.

The issue is trying to decide what pool filter is best for you. First and foremost, you want to go with a pool pump that is from a brand name you can trust. Other pool pumps might be available for less money, but going with a strong brand gives you peace of mind for many swim seasons to come. Intex is one of those trusted brands that you can rely on to deliver great quality. Here is a review of the six best Intex pool pumps to make the decision process even easier for you!

Best Single Speed Pool Pumps

1. Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools

The Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Poolsis a great, easy to use pool pump that works with most above ground pools. It comes with a double insulated pump and air release valve to relieve the stress of water trapped inside the filer chamber. It is also equipped with a sediment flush valve at the bottom of the filter chamber. This avoids pressure on the system that can drain efficiency.

This model works with 18-feet Easy Set, 18-feet Metal Frame, or 18-feet by 10-feet Oval Frame above ground pools and is very simply to maintain and operate. By replacing the filter cartridge every couple of weeks, this pool pump will keep your pool clean and hygienic year round. This model has a pump flow rate of 2,5000 gallons per hour and a system flow rate of 4,000 gallons.



  • Utilizes Hydro Aeration Technology: Leads to improved water clarity for water that looks and feels great, improved circulation and filtration and increases the negative ions at the water surface for increased freshness.
  • Auto Timer Function:With the automatic timer with present 2 to 12-hour cycles, operation is simple.

  • Flexibility:The pool can only be used with certain pool frames and only with above ground pools. It is only compatible with pools under a 15,200 gallon capacity.

2. Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 16-inch, 110-120V with GFCI

The Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 16-inch, 110-120V with GFCIhas a sand filter and a 6-function control valve that provides easy operation for the operator. You can filter, backwash, rinse, recirculate, drain and close the system. The included 24-hour time also enables the operator to set the function and walk away. This is perfect is you want to clean the pool overnight or get it ready for a weekend party.
With a flow rate of 3,000 gallons per hour and a system flow rate of 2,450 gallons per hour, this .75 HP pool pump is great for larger pools, up to 19,600 gallons. The 16” tank has 120-pound sand capacity, meaning less maintenance for the owner.



  • Ground Fault CircuitInterrupter: Cuts off the flow of electricity to the system when the circuit is interrupted. This protects swimmers and avoids unfortunate incidents.
  • 6 Function Control Panel:Enables easy operation. User can simply select the appropriate function and walks away.
  • Limited Maintenance Required:The sand in this 16” tank only needs to be replaced every five years, unlike pumps with filters needing to be cleaned and replaced every couple of weeks.

  • Increased Weight: The 120-pound sand capacity is great for filtering larger pools, but it makes the pool pump very heavy.

3. Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools

The Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools is a 1,5000 GPH pump flow rate with 110-120v power supply. It comes with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter that cuts of power to keep swimmers safe and features an air release valve to release air trapped inside the filter.

The cartridge will need to be replaced every 2 weeks, but operation is simply. It features an auto timer preset with 2 to 12-hour cycles. Installation is also easy, you simply need to attach the hoses and plug in to a power source. Note that the plunger valves and inlet/outlets are not included. One filter comes with the set, though.



  • Easy Installation:This is a plug and play type of pool filter. Simply attach the hoses to the pool and filter and plug into your 110-120v power source.
  • GFCI:Keeps swimmers safe from electric currents by interrupting circuit in case of emergency.
  • Quiet:This model features quieter operation than most other pumps. The interior components are well lubricated and do not dry up easily so it runs efficiently and quietly.

  • Constant Maintenance: Though changing the filter cartridge is simple, it will need to be done every two weeks. One replacement cartridge is included.

4. Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System with E.C.O. (Electrocatalytic Oxidation)

This Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System with E.C.O is one of the best and most innovative filter pump available in the market and a great value for its price.
What makes this filter pump so special? Well – it has a unique technology for sanitizing your pool water which has proven to be extremely efficient!

This technology works by first by producing salt and swimmer safe chlorine which is added to your pool, and then it goes filtration process which is extremely effective in getting bacteria and algae out of your pool! Just browse retailers reviews and you’ll see that a vast majority of its customers are extremely happy with this pool!



  • Innovative technology for sanitizing pool water: This filter is using a highly effective two stages technology for cleaning your pool with Amazing results
  • Cost Effective:This pool pump is less expensive than other models, but it still does a great job cleaning your pool and keeping the water fresh and hygienic.
  • Easy Installation:Instructions are easy to read and set up is a breeze. Simply attach hoses and plug into your power supply.
  • Easy Operation: Just set up a program using the preset functions and timer, and then leave it alone.

  • Flexibility: The pool can only work on above ground pools that are less than 15,000 gallons.

5. Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 530 GPH Pump

Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 530 GPH Pumpis a great above ground pool pump that works with 110-120v power supply and comes with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. The double insulated pump allows it to work even in colder temperatures and the air release valve keeps pressure from building up in the filter chamber.

Maintaining this pool pump is simple. The sediment flush at the bottom of the filter chamber helps keep debris from building up and clogging the pump. To keep the water clean, just replace the filter cartridge every two weeks. This filter is great for most above ground Intex pools, including: 8-feet, 10-feet and 12-feet Easy Set pools, and 10-feet and 12-feet Frame pool models.



  • Inexpensive Model:Though this pool can only be used with small pools, it is extremely inexpensive while still delivering great value.
  • Easy Maintenance:To keep the pool pump running efficiently, simply swap out the filter cartridge every couple of weeks.
  • Double Insulated Pump:Makes this a great pool filter for environments where the temperatures drop below freezing at times.

  • Limited Pump Flow Rate:At 530 gallons per hour pump flow rate, this pool is best suited for above ground pools less than 15 feet in diameter.

6. Intex Krystal Clear 2150 GPH Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System with E.C.O

The Intex Krystal Clear 2150 GPH Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System with E.C.O is a great above ground pool pump. The versatile pump can be used on pool ranging from 4,800 to 15,000-gallon capacity and works with 110-120v power supply. The GFCI is great for keeping swimmers safe and the .95 HP motor comes with a 2-year warranty.

Simply follow the instructional DVD that is included and installation is easy. The set comes with everything you need to connect and start using it, unless you don’t have the on/off plunger valves. These are inexpensive, though and can be found online. Unlike typical cartridge filters, the sand only needs to be changes every 3 to five years. This cuts down on your maintenance and allows you to easily operate your pool pump.



  • Warranty:Most pool pumps only come with a standard 60 or 90-day warranty, but this Intex pool pump features a 2-year warranty to protect it.
  • 2,650 GPH Pump Flow Rate:The ability to process 2,650 gallons of water per hour makes this pump ideal for pools of various sizes.
  • Easy Installation:Comes with an instructional DVD to follow for set up. Simply attach the specified hoses and plugs, put in your sand and salt and let it run!

  • Need to Use Pool Sand: This pump will only operate properly if you use pool sand. This can be found at your local pool store or online.


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