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Top 10 Best LED Pool Lights (July 2019) Top Picks & Guide

Whether it’s for after dark pool parties or simply creating an impressive nighttime effect in your yard, swimming pool lights are a must. Nowadays, the best way to go is LEDs – and to help you choose, here are our top 10 best LED pool lights.

LED Pool Lights Buying guide

Before we look at our picks for best LED pool lights, let’s spend a few moments thinking about the main features you should consider when choosing the best LED pool lights for you.

Color options and visual effects

Possibly the first decision you need to make when choosing new lights for your pool concerns the effect you hope to create. Do you want a simple, elegant white-lit pool or would you prefer something more creative and original?

One of the advantages of choosing LED lighting is that many models can offer you a range of different colors. They can illuminate your pool in a striking solid color or can create a constantly changing light show.

If this is something you are interested in, be sure to check out how many colors the light can offer as well as the range of light shows it can create.

Remote control or toggle?

How are the lights controlled? Broadly speaking, there are two basic systems – remote control of single-switch toggle.

A light that is controlled by remote may be faster to program as well as giving you more options, but there is always the chance of losing the remote.

A toggle switch system requires you to cycle through the programs in order until you come to the one you want – but this kind of system has the advantage of being simpler, and you can never lose the remote.
Which system you choose is a matter of personal preference.


Clearly, the brightness of the light you are choosing is of vital importance. Make sure the light you are buying is powerful enough to illuminate your pool – and also ensure that it provides enough light for you to swim or sit by the pool safely at night.


Another of the big advantages of LEDs is that they tend to last an extremely long time – sometimes up to ten years or more.
You may sometimes see their duration quoted in terms of hours, for example, 60,000 hours or 65,000 hours. This may seem a little abstract, but to put it into context, 60,000 hours is a little under seven years of constant use while 65,000 is almost seven and a half years.

Installation and maintenance

Ease of installation could be an important consideration if you are planning to put the lights in yourself. Some more complicated models may require the help of a professional.
LED lights tend to require very little maintenance, but this is also another point you might wish to bear in mind when choosing.


Finally, since pool lights are not universally compatible, make sure any lights you are looking at will work with the fittings in your pool. This will save you getting them home before realizing you won’t be able to use them.

10 Best LED Pool Lights Reviews 2019

Here are our picks for the top 10 best LED pool lights

1. P&LED (120V,35W) Color Changing Replacement Swimming Pool Lights

This 120V LED pool light from P&LED measures 6.69” in diameter and is 5.9” deep. It is designed to fit Pentair and Hayward light fixtures as well as the Hayward Astrolite series and is able to light a pool of up to 25,000 gallons.

This system comes complete with a remote control that allows you to change the colors and the effects conveniently.
These lights have recently been upgraded – before, they would return to the original red setting when turned off, but with the addition of a memory feature, they now go straight to your preferred lighting option each time you turn them on.

Overall, a relatively inexpensive option for your pool that will give you clear, bright lighting and that you can expect to last a long time.

2. Intex LED Pool Wall Light

This is an ingenious inexpensive solution designed for soft-sided freestanding pools. The light goes inside the pool and is fixed by magnet to another part on the outside that provides the power.
This method saves any kind of complicated installation, and another advantage is that it provides a large amount of light with a low level of power consumption.
Another smart design feature is that if the light part in the pool becomes detached from the outside section, it floats to the surface rather than sinking to the bottom, making it easy to retrieve and reattach.
If you are looking for a way to light your soft-sided pool effectively without breaking the bank, this could be an obvious answer.


3. SEURON LED Pool Light Bulb for Inground Pool

This LED pool light from SEURON is an updated version that includes several significant improvements over the previous model, including strong aluminum casing and a better cooling system.
Another important improvement is the fact that this system is now 100% waterproof, and these lights are designed to last for a minimum of five years before they need to be replaced.
The system boasts a range of lighting effects, including 11 different static colors as well as two color show modes featuring smooth transitions. You can toggle easily between the modes with the wall switch – there is no need for an extra control module.
This would make an excellent choice if you are looking for swimming pool LEDs that allow you to adapt your lighting to the mood. This light is simple to use and comes with a very reasonable price tag. If this sounds like what you are looking for, it could be well worth checking out.

4. Pentair 601000 IntelliBrite 5G Color Underwater LED Pool Light, 120 Volt, 30 Foot Cord

If you are looking for a high-quality, top-end LED light for your pool, this model from established brand Pentair should be high on your list of possibilities.
It features a superior reflector design that angles more light towards the bottom of the pool. The result is a more brightly and intensely lit pool but with a reduction in glare, delivering a highly professional look.

The lens can also rotate through 180°, allowing you to choose a wide or narrow beam.
This lighting system incorporates the brightest, most energy-efficient LEDs currently available and provides five color options – blue, green, magenta, white or red.
Lights like this don’t come cheap, but if you want the very best for your pool, this one certainly won’t disappoint. For something that will provide superior lighting and mood around your pool, lights like these are hard to beat.

5. Hayward SP0527SLED50 ColorLogic 4.0 LED Pool Light

This is another top-end lighting system, this time from Hayward. These lights are designed to be compatible with almost any kind of pool or spa and offer an energy saving of up to 86%.
They are also designed to last – they have a lifespan of anything up to 10 times longer than comparable lights.
One highlight is the range of color options they provide. You can choose between five different vivid static colors or seven stunning color shows. However, in combination, the static colors can be used to create a total of up to 101 possible other colors.
Hayward is a well-established company and one of the leaders in pool lighting. If you are looking for a lighting system that will give your pool a striking look – and you don’t mind paying for quality – this Hayward LED pool light is worth considering.

6. WYZM LED Pool Light Bulb for Inground Swimming Pool

For a range of color options for your pool at an affordable price, this pool LED from WYZM is worth a look. This is a 120V system that can provide a reduction in energy consumption of up to 50%. It measures 6” in diameter by 5.5” in depth.
It offers 11 static colors or two color shows with a range of transition effects, including smooth transition, single color fade, medium color changing and fast color changing. The program is controlled by a single toggle switch – so no need for a separate remote.
Other outstanding features include 100% waterproofing, an efficient cooling system and an aluminum case. If you install two or more of these lights, they can also be synchronized to provide the same lighting effects but with even more intensity.
This LED system is a great option for anyone looking for reliable and powerful lights but who doesn’t want to spend the money on a top-end model. If that sounds like you, this light should be on your radar.

7. Pentair 601100 IntelliBrite 5G White Underwater LED Pool Light

This is essentially a very similar light to the Pentair model we looked at above – except this is a plain white version rather than one that gives you a range of color options.
It shares many of the strong points with the other model. It is an extremely high-quality piece of equipment and can provide a reduction in energy use of up to 86% compared with comparable units.
It features superior lens geometry for more effective illumination and more uniform lighting. Like the other model, the lens can be rotated to 180°, allowing you to select either a wide beam or narrow beam configuration.
As with the other Pentair pool light, this doesn’t come cheap – although the white light version costs significantly less than the colored version. If you are looking for a high-quality LED but are less interested in fancy colors, this could be the ideal option.

8. Bonbo LED Pool Bulb White Light

For a simple pool lighting solution that sells at a very reasonable price point, this LED system from Bonbo is an option that’s worth investigating. It measures 4.72” in diameter and 5.27” in depth, making it compatible with a range of fixtures. It can light pools of up to 32,000 gallons.
It is designed to last and is rated as giving 60,000 hours of use – that equates to almost seven years of constant use. It also incorporates an effective cooling system as well as heat overload protection technology to help ensure nothing can go wrong.
This system only provides white light – it doesn’t offer the capability of providing any colored lights or light shows.
For anyone who wants more variety, this is not the best pick. However, for anyone who wants something simple and uncomplicated for their pool, this is an option that should be of interest – especially at such an affordable price point.

9. 12V 35W LED Pool Lights Bulb

This is a remote-controlled pool lighting LED system that offers seven solid colors and five color shows. It also has a sync capability, meaning you can install more than one of these lights and have everything work in unison.
One useful feature is the memory setting. Rather than start with the factory setting when you turn on the light, it is capable of “remembering” your chosen setting and starting up with that, saving you the trouble of cycling through each time you light it up.
This unit measures 6.65” in diameter by 5.03” in depth. It incorporates an internal cooling system and can light a pool of up to 25,000 gallons.
It is a pool lighting system that would appeal to someone who is hoping for a range of visual effects but who doesn’t want to spend the money on a more expensive option. If this sounds like what you require, this is a recommended product.

10. 12V 35W AC/DC Color Changing Swimming Pool Lights LED Bulb

For a variety of lighting options to adjust the mood around your pool, this remote-controlled LED pool light could be another interesting option.
With six solid colors and nine light show settings, this is a lighting system that can add an extra dimension of fun to your pool after dark.
It measures 6.6” in diameter by 5.3” in depth and is ideal for pools of up to 25,000 gallons. It is rated as having a lifespan of over 65,000 hours – this works out at over seven years of non-stop use.
It is easy to install and provides a highly effective pool lighting system without needing to break the bank. As a reasonably-priced option, this is another one that’s well worth thinking about.
A range of options for all tastes and budgets
Whether you are in the market for elegant plain white pool lights or exciting light shows, a top-of-the-range unit or something more budget-friendly, there is now a wide range of options to pick from.
If you need a new lighting solution for your pool but you are feeling confused by all the choices, any of the LED pool lights in our review would make a great place to start looking.