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Everything you need to know about robotic pool cleaner


Robotic pool cleaners are some of the most advanced types of pool cleaners. They have the best features as compared to a manual, suction automatic, or pressure automatic pool cleaners.

The pool cleaner is automated and features an electric motor with a pump plus filters that collect debris. It is self-directed requiring minimum human interference. It will collect small and large dirt particles, scrub all parts of the swimming pool, and even filter any impurities from the water.

Although Robotic pool cleaners come with their conveniences, they are expensive. Buying one means, you’re making a real investment, and you require to make the right choice. You need to learn about all the critical buying guidelines.

Robotic Pool Cleaner Buying Guide

The following are 8 main buying tips for buying a new Robotic pool cleaner


Brushes are crucial when it comes to any surface washing equipment. A good set of brushes means a quality wash for your pool. The material and the way they turn as they clean matters. For a Robotic pool cleaner, look for Pleated or PVC bristles material. They should be rotating ones to ensure a thorough wash.

Motor and Controls

The robots controls and the kind of motor it has determines its efficiency. All Robotic cleaners come with controls, such that you only need to check their ability. It’s best if you may have a robotic cleaner with controls that work remotely via your smartphone.

The motor is also essential as that determines the cleaning suction power and speeds. You can go for a DC motor as they’re smooth running and offer an energy saving performance.

Filtration Ability

A swimming pool is exposed and can get all kinds of impurities which can pose some health issues. The water can get contaminated with chemicals, dust, sand, dead insects, extra.

A cleaner fitted with an impurities indicator will efficiently and automatically locate any impurities and proceed to take removal action. Robots using micron filter bags and canisters will clean, purify, and efficiently disinfect the water.


The ability to navigate around your pool is a significant choosing determinant. Remember, your Robotic cleaner needs to move around and climb the pool walls with ease. You should, therefore, check the sensors, gyroscopes, and Bluetooth technologies in use. It should also have the right four-wheel ability for all kind of terrains

Energy Consumption

The cost of buying the cleaner itself is already significant. You don’t want a piece of equipment that will also incur substantial power bills. You should choose a large cleaner which at the same time has energy efficient functions. There’re large cleaners available with large cartridges with low energy consumption.


As stated above the buying cost of a robotic cleaner is already high. You, therefore, need a pool cleaner that will last for long without incurring substantial repair costs. You also need to negotiate on a more extended period service warranty.


The Robotic cleaner makes automatic movements around the pool, but, at times, it requires some manual handling. There’re some movement actions it won’t make such as jumping in and out of the pool. As such, weight consideration is an essential factor as you require something lightweight and portable.

Power Cord

A tangling cord meanings an abrupt end to the cleaning exercise. That used to be a problem before but has got solved in some ways. You can have a cord with a mechanical swivel, gyro systems, or dedicated algorithms.
Benefits of Having a Robotic Pool Cleaner
A particular product’s benefits give you the reason to buy it. The pool cleaner comes with the following main benefits.


By using advanced computer technology, the Robotic cleaner can move around your pool, cleaning more efficiently. It’s able to learn about all the corners and tricky points of the pool and figure out a way out on its own. Other traditional pool cleaners require more human concentrated efforts to work.
They can also have a high energy consumption efficiency as they get with low voltage amount. A cleaner with a range of about 60-70 watts in an hour will consume the same energy as a regular light bulb. That means they have the added benefit of saving money.

Consumes Less Water

The Robotic cleaner moves around the pool, cleaning with smart, calculated moves. It will, for example, target dirt and other wastes clogging the pools filtration system. Removing the impurities means less backwashing and rinsing of the filtration system regularly.

Ease of Use

A Robotic cleaner features automated programs customized for your particular pool. In that respect, it will move around your swimming pool without requiring human intervention, making it easy to use.

Clean Environment

The equipment uses electric power to move around the pool. It will not emit any harmful chemicals, gases, or other impurities that contaminates the water making it environmentally friendly.