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Intex Easy Set Pool Set review – An excellent choice for an above ground pool!

Everyone loves beautiful weather, and almost nothing is more relaxing than hanging out in a cool new swimming pool! If you are looking to buy an above ground pool, it is worth checking out the Intex 18×48 Easy Set Pool Set.

What do we like about the Intex 18ft X 48in Easy Set Pool Set

Take a dip, make a splash, and have some fun in the sun! The Intex 18ft X 48in Easy Set Pool Set must be placed on a perfectly leveled surface – shifting platform surfaces will not work -because a leveled surface makes the pool sturdy and not too maintenance-demanding compared to other models.This pool is easy to set up, and we are definitely fans of the 15-minute assembly. Just spread it out on level ground, inflate the top ring, and fill the pool with water. The water capacity is 80% with a 1,000 gallon per hour flow, and it holds 3,736 gallons of water.

We like the fact that this pool is made of super sturdy and powder-coated laminated Polyvinyl chloride(PVC) pipes because the tensile strength is much higher than other plastics, which works to reduce dreadful punctures and leaks. We are also thrilled that this pool comes with a ground fault interrupter, whichpromotes safety by turning off the pump if it senses that the electrical current has been exposed to any water.The Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter pump is made with robust Hydro Aeration Technology, which increases negative ions at the water surface to enhance the circulation and give your pool clearer water.

As an added bonus, the filter pump is easy to use!Just plug it into a 110-120V electrical outlet and enjoy the clear water! The included drain pump makes it easy for you to drain the water away from your house and into another area of your yard.Store this in your shed – It is a large pool compared to other pools on the market so it is not necessarily easy to store; however, we feel that being able to preserve the pool and not have it sitting out in harsh weather conditions is likely worth the effort. We feel one of the strongest points with this pool is that it is much easier to maintain than underground pools because there are no underground pipes and drains. Additional items included are an informative instructional DVD, a ladder and barrier, a ground cloth, bonus filters, and a debris cover.


  • This pool is made of plastic and weighs about 120 pounds.
  • This pool is recommended for ages 6 and up.
  • The dimensions are 48 x 216 x 216 inches.
  • The water capacity of this pool is 5,455 gallons, which is 80% of the pool.
  • The filter pump has a flow rate of 1,000 gallons/hour and 110-120 volts of power.
  • Installation is simple – just place it on a perfectly flat surface, inflate the top ring, and then fill the pool with water.
  • It comes with a DVD to help you install and maintain the pool.
  • PVC sidewalls frame this pool, making it very sturdy even with rough play in the pool.
  • This set offers a convenient drain pump to direct water away from your house.
  • This pool comes with a nifty Ground Fault Interrupter for your safety.
  • The filter pump is made with Hydro Aeration Technology to give you crystal clear water.
  • This pool also comes with additional accessories to make your experience better.
  • Strong and Durable
  • Safe
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with an instructional DVD if you get stuck during installation
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Great for young kids
  • Great for adults who just like to float around
  • Absolutely requires a flat, level surface– no exceptions
  • Prone to leaks and punctures (as with all above ground pools)
  • It is large, so storage is possible but not always easy

What the Customers are saying?

Many customers are satisfied with their purchase due to the easy setup, strong PVC pipes, and the option to store the pool if desired. Positive reviews also indicate that the price is very attractive for a pool of this quality, the pool lasts a few years if taken care of properly, and the pump does an excellent job of producing clear water. However, several customers warned that this pool is not good for users who have even a slight slope in their yard. Other consumers note that their pool has punctured or started leaking, but this is a quite common inconvenience that consumers risk when buying any above ground pool.